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We at the Global Institute of Hope know that Hope Heals. We are so happy you took the COURAGE or CHARGE to understand the who, what, and whys of abuse.
We want you to know that the Overcoming Abuse God’s Way (OAGW) course was compiled and created with YOU in mind. Whether you are completing this course for yourself or someone you love, you are sure to be stronger, more understanding, and better equipped to face the world by participating in the journey.




Janet Marie Napper | CEO

Global Gogirl-OAGW


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What We Offer


What We Offer

Abuse is a complex and difficult issue that profoundly affects people globally. The following
course is broken down into
nine lessons that utilize biological, psychological, and cultural
factors to establish the causes and effects of abuse for the student. Fu
rther, each chapter offers
spiritual perspectives to encourage the student to look beyond culture for guidance

if they so choose.

he course participants will be able to identify the various forms of abuse. They will learn the
manifestation of abuse and violence (physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, social, and
economic) and how it is presented to the victims. We encourage you to complete each step in
the course. Knowledge is power, and we hope to give you the ability to stop or prevent abuse
whenever and wherever it presents itself.

Congratulations on taking the significant step of becoming a facilitator for this course. Your
talent and dedication are sorely needed!
As a facilitator, there are specific skills you will master. Some of these skills include:


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Task Management


Managing the emotional culture of the group

You will not be on your own. You will have the training, information, and support you need to succeed. The fact that you have opted to sign up as a facilitator shows you already possess the values, ethics, and heart required, and that is essential.

Upon completion of this course, you will have acquired and will hold:
● Required educational foundation
● Certification as an “Overcoming Abuse God’s Way” Facilitators

Facilitator participants who have completed the course earn the right to participate in
experiential exercises as active observers and facilitators of an ongoing support group for abuse survivors.
Facilitators are vital in the “Overcoming Abuse God’s Way” program.

Your participation is needed and very much appreciated!

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